Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Old: FS-1-025.5    New:   FS-01-1960D-101

Breen:  2232

Coneca:  1-O-III  and RPM #100

Crawford: CDDO-001 and CRPM-002

Wexler: WDDO-001 and WRPM-103

Coppercoins:  1960D-1DO-001
and 1960D-1MM-100
One of the most interesting coins in the
Lincoln Series.  It is both a repunched
mintmark (RPM) and doubled die
obverse (DDO).   This is a perfect
example of class III "design hub
doubling".  In 1960 there were both
small and large date designs.   In this
case a small date hub was punched
over a large date hub.  

Doulbling can be seen easiest on the

The extra mintmark can be seen north
and slightly west of the primary  

Early die state example are much more  
to collectors than later die
state examples.  Late die state examples
exibit die scratches most visible under

Three different class III doublings exist
for the 1960 proof.   One exists for the
1970 S proof.  

Image courtesy of Eric Axtell
1960 D/D Doubled Die Obverse RPM 100