1982 Doubled Die Reverse
Fivaz Stanton Numbers:

Breen:  Unlisted

Coneca:  DDR - 1

Crawford: CDDR-001

Wexler: WDDR-001

Coppercoins: 1982P-1DR-001

First reported in 2007, found by
Richard J. Ziegler.  Only three
examples are currently known to
exist.  The first was Mr. Ziegler's
specimen and the second
example found by Jim Proctor.  
Each of the first two finds are
shown here.  The top example is
that of Richard J. Ziegler.  The
photos are provided courtesy of
Coppercoins.  The bottom
example shown here is Mr.

Doubling can be seen on all
reverse lettering.  This variety is
found on Small Date Zinc 1982
cents.  More must exist!

Images courtesy of Coppercoins
and Jim Proctor.