1971 Doubled Die Obverse
Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Old FS-1-031   New FS-01-1971-101

Breen:  2260

Coneca:  1-O-II

Crawford: CDDO-001

Wexler: WDDO-001

Coppercoins: 1971P-1DO-001
The 1971 doubled die is a class II
Distorted Hub Doubling.  This is
probably the strongest Class II doubling
in the Lincoln Cent Series.  Doubling can
be seen on the date, LIBERTY, and IN
GOD WE TRUST.   "LIB" shows the
strongest doubling.  

Two similar Class II Doubled Die Proof
Varieties exist for this date.  

All three varieties can be very difficult to