1970 S/S rpm 1
Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Not Listed

Breen:  Not Listed

Coneca:  RPM 1

Wexler: WRPM-001

Coppercoins:  1970S - 1MM - 001
The 1970 S/S is a very boldly doubled
mintmark.  Both S mintmarks were
punched with equal force, one
obviously north of the other.

This variety is found on the Large Date
version of the 1970 S cent and almost
always found in mint sets.  When your
checking mint sets for the "small date"
variety, you may as well check for this
one too.

This makes three good reasons
for cutting up 1970 mint sets.  1) the
1970 D Kennedy Half which is always
found in mint sets.  2) the 1970 S small
date which is frequently found in mint
sets.  3)  the 1970 s/s rpm 1.  With this
many 1970 S mint set being destroyed,
may they be a good investment in the

This variety is listed in CONECA's top
100 RPM's.