1956 RPM # 16

Fivaz Stanton Numbers:  
Not Listed

Breen:  Not Listed

Coneca:  RPM - 016

Wexler: WRPM - 023

Coppercoins:  1956D - 1MM - 016
This repunched mintmark (RPM) shows
a secondary D completely northwest of
the primary D inside the 9 of the date.  
Most of the secondary mintmark shows
under the tail of the nine, just touching
the  primary mintmark.  In early die
states the top of the D can be seen
above the tail of the nine.

The secondary D can be seen better in
earlier die states.  

Finding this variety can prove to be

This coin is the
#1 most wanted in
The Complete Price Guide and Cross
Reference to Lincoln Cent Mint Mark
by Brian Allen and John

This variety is listed in CONECA's top
100 RPM's.

Images courtesy of Eric Axtell
1956 D/D RPM 16 WRPM-023