1943 D/D rpm 1
Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Old FS-1-019   New FS-01-1943D-501

Breen:  2169

Coneca:  RPM 1

Wexler: WRPM-001

Coppercoins:  1943D - 1MM - 001
This rpm is listed in the Red Book as
"1943D Boldly Doubled Mint Mark".  
This coin is also one of the few RPM's
listed on PCGS's price guide.  

At least 20 rpm's exist for this year,
none of which approach the popularity
or value of this variety.   

This variety is listed in CONECA's top
100 RPM's.

This coin is the #8 most wanted in
Complete Price Guide and Cross
Reference to Lincoln Cent Mint Mark
by Brian Allen and John