1910 S/S  rpm 2
Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Old:  FS-1-012.7   New:  FS-01-1910S -501

Breen:  2061

Coneca:  RPM 2

Wexler: WRPM-002

Coppercoins:  1910S - 1MM - 002
The 1910 S/S is one of the more
popular repunched mintmarks (RPMS)
in the Lincoln series.

Both Mintmarks seem to be punched
with almost equal depths.  This bold
RPM can be easily seen in any grade or
die state.  

This variety is listed in CONECA's top
100 RPM's and Wexler's
top 100 RPM's.

This coin is the #6 most wanted in
Complete Price Guide and Cross
Reference to Lincoln Cent Mint Mark
by Brian Allen and John