1956 D/D/S womm-001
1956 D/D/S WOMM # 1

Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Not Listed

Breen:  not listed

Coneca:  RPM #12

Wexler: WOMM-001
The 1956 D/D/S  WOMM-001 is a very
interesting variety.  The coin exhibits a
D punched almost directly over a D
with an S mintmark punched lightly
northeast of the D's.  The parts of the S
that touch the D's can be seen best.  

This is a controversial OMM because of
the weakness of the S mintmark.  
Coneca still lists this variety as rpm#12.

The complete outline of the S can be
seen only on late die stages.  Late die
stage coins are very scarce and
demand a much higher premium.  On
early and middle die stages, die
scratches can be seen running
southwest to northeast across the date
and mintmark.  In late die stages, these
die scratches are gone.  

This coin is known as 1956 RPM #12,
1956 D/D/S OMM#2, or WOMM-001.  
Do not confuse this coin with

This coin is the #4 most wanted in
Complete Price Guide and Cross
Reference to Lincoln Cent Mint Mark
by Brian Allen and John