1946 S/D omm #1
1946 S/D OMM # 1

Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Old FS-1-021.2   
New FS-01-1946S-511
(Was FS-501 for a short time)

Breen:  Not Listed

Coneca:  OMM-001

Wexler: WOMM-001
The 1946 S/D over mintmark
(OMM) is the only S over D in the
entire Lincoln series.  The S
mintmark is punched directly over
the D.  However, the top of the D
can be seen inside the top loop of
the S, and the bar of the D can be
seen connecting the left side of
the top of the S to the end of the

This coin is listed in the Red Book.

This coin is the #7 most wanted in
The Complete Price Guide and
Cross Reference to Lincoln Cent
Mint Mark Varieties
by Brian Allen
and John Wexler.  

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