1944 D/S omm #1 and omm #2
1944 D/S OMM # 1

Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Old FS-1-020   New FS-01-1944D-511
(Was FS-501 for a short time)

Breen:  2177

Coneca:  OMM-001

Wexler: WOMM-001
1944 D/S OMM # 2

Fivaz Stanton Numbers:
Old FS-1-021   New FS-1-1944-512
(Was FS-502 for a short time)

Breen:  2177

Coneca:  OMM-002

Wexler: WOMM-002
The 1944 D/S is the most popular over
mintmark (OMM) in the Lincoln Series.  
The top of the S mintmark can be seen
north of the D.  Part of the S can also
be seen in the upper curve of the D.  
The Red Book and the PCGS online
price guide both list this variety as
simply 1944 D/S.  This variety is more
valuable and desirable than OMM 2.  

Be aware that is OMM can be easily
confused with 1944 D/D rpm 7 in which
the second D can be seen north and
slightly east of the primary mintmark.

This coin is the #5 most wanted in
Complete Price Guide and Cross
Reference to Lincoln Cent Mint Mark
by Brian Allen and John
Although not as popular as OMM 1, this
variety is much more popular than the
OMM's created in 1951 and 1952.   The
S can be seen southwest of the D.  
Look for the middle of the S as it
crosses through the left side of the D.  

First image courtesy of Eric Axtell