In the spring of 2007 in upstate New York, Jeff
Snow discovered a 1988 cent bearing a
reverse design intended for coinage
beginning in the year 1989.  The 1989
reverse is referred to as RDV-006.  This is
the newest transitional variety discovery.  

A subtle but unmistakable change in font in
the designer's initials is the most
distinguishing characteristic of the 1988
RDV-006.  Looking under modest
magnification for the flared "G" in the
designers initials is the easiest method of
identification of this transitional mule. The
normal 1988 coin(RDV-005) has a simple,
straight "G". The variety coin was made with a
reverse die featuring enhancements including
serifs at the top and the bottom of the right
vertical leg of the "G" in the designer's initials.

Steven Bingham was the individual who
discovered the first Denver mint-marked
specimen.  Denver examples seem to much
more difficult to obtain than Philadelphia

These varieties are listed in by Fivas/Stanton
as 1988 D FS-901 and 1988 FS-901. These
will be listed in the next edition of the
Cherrypicker's Guide to Die Varieties.  
ANACS will assign FS-901 to the slabs.  Once
the new Cherrypicker's Guide is printed
PCGS and NGC may certify the variety.

Article by David Carten & Author
1988 Reverse of 89   &   1988D Reverse of 89
(RDV-006 Transitional Varieties) FS-901
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Images courtesy of Steven Bingham, David Carten,and author