1983 "Extra Letters In Motto" CLO-002
The 1983 "Extra Letters In Motto"
interesting in the Lincoln Memorial
series.  The coin is listed a die clash
(CLO-002).  CLO-001 is the die clash
listed in the Cherrypicker's guide
But is it a normal die clash?  Ken
Potter states on his website, "This is
the result of a counter clash; a piece of
scrap steel was struck by a die and
then counter sunk into this die."

This coin gained popularity when it was
listed in "A Quick Reference to the Top
Lincoln Cent Die Varieties" by Gary
Wagon, Karen Peterson, and Kevin
Flynn.  The refer to this variety as
CLO-001 as "MAD CLASH".  "MAD"
stands for MisAligned Die.  Both of
these varieties are highly collectible.