1909 S VDB Lincoln Cent
Mintage:  484,000

The 1909 S VDB is the Key Date in the
Lincoln cent collection.  It has the lowest
regular mintage in the Lincoln Cent series.  

The initials V.D.B. are those of Victor D.
Brenner who designed both the obverse and
reverse of the Lincoln Cent.  Days into the
production of the Lincoln Cent,  Washington
D.C. ordered the Mint to remove the initials.   
Brenner's initials were replaced on the
bottom of Lincoln's bust in 1918.  

Several counterfeits of this coin exist.  Buying
certified examples is strongly
recommended.  There were four obverse
dies used.  "
The mintmark should have
parallel serifs with a groove or notch in the
right serif.  There is also a die chip in the
upper loop
." - The complete Lincoln Cent
Encyclopedia pg. 40.